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The More The Merrier: Platinum Rental Joins Our Fleet and Family

Rent Your Ride grows even bigger with a partnership with local car rental company.

Offering both common, exotic, luxury, and EV vehicles, Platinum Rental has an extensive fleet that offers personal, business, long term, and group rentals.

Locals Brought Businesses Together

Last year was nothing short of insane. The world is changing and if businesses don’t adapt, they won’t survive. Since the start of the pandemic we have seen changes in the economy and our day to day lives. The way people interact and utilize businesses is rapidly evolving, and a shift into a more digital and technologically buffed world is inevitable. So what are businesses doing to stay ahead of the curve?

One of the most effective and sustainable ways is by forming partnerships. As many of you have probably noticed, more and more restaurants are staying afloat by listing themselves on platforms such as Skip the Dishes, which as a result brings them more customers. Forming these mutually beneficial relationships is key during times like these and as a consequence is guiding us into a more technologically advanced society.

So what are some of the other partnerships that we have seen here in Canada? One of the more appreciable ones can be found between two companies coming out of the prairies. Rent Your Ride is officially partnering up with Platinum Rentals to bring their value to a broader network during these difficult times.

About Platinum Rental

Platinum Rentals is a well established, privately owned car rental company that has been in business for over seven years. Offering both common, luxury, and EV vehicles, this company has an extensive fleet that offers personal, business, long term, and group rentals. They even offer short and long term leases for corporations and small businesses.

What Rent Your Ride Users Should Expect From This Partnership

For businesses like Platinum Rentals, Rent Your Ride brings people who otherwise wouldn’t see the cars listed on their website, right to the source and in a user friendly way. In return, Platinum Rentals provides more readily available listings for the Rent Your Ride platform increasing variety, and giving the guests more options.

The benefits experienced don’t just stop there. Rent Your Ride having EV vehicles available for instant booking on their platform means people in the courier industries can now easily get a hold of these eco-friendly machines, reducing the costs of owning the vehicle, fuel, and environmental cost.


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