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Convienence by the Truckload

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

Rent Your Ride Partners With local towing company Deck It Or Wreck It to offer Roadside Assistance & Towing For All Rent Your Ride Host & Guests.

We are thrilled to announce yet another local partnership, this time with Winnipeg's own Deck It Or Wreck It. This partnership offers convenience and peace of mind for both our hosts and guests on Rent Your Ride.

Within just minutes, Rent Your Ride users will now have access to exclusive road side assistance and delivery options all within the convenience of the Rent Your Ride app.

“I'm a car guy that got "sucked" into tow trucks, and I want clients to feel confident that we care about their vehicle and will be handled with the utmost care.”

-Geoffrey, Deck It Or Wreck It Owner

The Story Behind Deck It Or Wreck It

Deck It Or Wreck It was established in 2013, Geoff was 23 at the time when he bought his first truck. From a very young age trucks were a big attraction for Geoff, with his hobby of off-roading and knack for saving friends when they were stuck in mud or broken down, his business venture came naturally to him. In addition to towing, Geoff has since grown his business to cater to the needs of Winnipeg finest rides as a result of his fleet expansion to include enclosed trailers.

Running a tow company has given Geoff a greater respect and appreciation for all different types of cars. His favourite car that was transported by his company was a 57 Thunderbird. The current owner had the car given to him 25 years ago by his friend who passed away. Five years later it was fully restored and for the next 20 years it was kept in pristine condition.

A Partnership Formed For You

Rent Your Ride's partnerships are always made with the users needs in mind while simultaneously uplifting and supporting the progression of fellow local businesses. Collaborations like these help us achieve and maintain our mission of creating an exclusive, convenient, and family-feeling platform.

"Rent Your Ride is a great idea and I've fully supported it from day one. The development and online presence is impressive!"

-Geoffrey, Owner of Deck It Or Wreck It

What's In It For You?

What is offered for Rent Your Ride users will include: 1) Flatbed Towing

2) Enclosed Trailered Transportation 3) Valet Pick Up & Drop Off For Delivery Via Towing 4) Boosts 5) Lock Outs

With the new Deck It Or Wreck It partnership users will experience not only additional safety but also peace of mind. Knowing there's an ally somewhere out there on the road is priceless to our users.


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