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Driving & Parking Tickets Policy

Last updated: January 15, 2020


If you received a ticket or toll during your trip notify your host as soon as possible. The  full cost of any ticket or toll should be paid immediately. If we are notified and you pay a  ticket or toll immediately through a direct transaction to the ticket issuer you will not be  charged any additional fines or fees from us. Please provide a receipt or proof that the  

ticket or toll has been paid in full. When a host receives a ticket or toll in the mail they  may use the Reimbursement tool to request payment from you. Any late fees may be  your responsibility if these were caused by not paying the ticket on time. As a guest you  have 72 hours to dispute the request, if you have not responded to the request within 72  hours the payment method on file will automatically be charged for the requested  amount. Since each ticket issuer has different billing and mailing cycles, hosts have up  to 90 days to request for a reimbursement of a ticket.  


Toll Fees

Guest who are using a hosts vehicle are responsible to pay any toll fees that incurred  during their trip.

If a guest does not pay for a toll properly, and subsequent fees which are associated  (toll fees as well as an administration fee) by doing so will be the responsibility of the  guest.


If there is a case where the payment for a toll is fully electronic, the guest must pay the  host directly or inform Rent Your Ride so that the appropriate fee can be added to the  overall trip cost. A failure to do so will result in additional fees and potentially a negative  rating on the guests profile; making it more difficult to access services the community of  Rent Your Ride has a to offer for a future trip.  


Tickets Received During a Trip

Rent Your Ride promotes an honest environment to do business. If a ticket is received  during the span of a trip while using a vehicle of our community, the guest is responsible  for it and it must be paid in full immediately. Whether it is a parking, speeding, or any  type of fine, all fines must be fully closed when the trip is completed and the vehicle is  returned to the host.  

If a ticket is received at a later date and it matches the time that the guest was using the  vehicle, those tickets can be sent to the Rent Your Ride support team to be  authenticated and matched with the guest to make them responsible for the payment of  the fine. Rent Your Ride strives to make this transaction as simple as possible.

A guest should notify the host of any fines that where paid during the trip. Proof of the  tickets being paid could be provided to the host in this situation to ensure the host that  all the fines are settled.


If a situation occurs in which the host was not notified for the fine during the time the  traveller had the vehicle within 24 hours after the trip has ended, Rent Your Ride will  add the full cost of the ticket and any related fees which could be associated to the  violation to their trip cost.


If the ticket is for a moving violation captured by a camera, and the owner receives a  ticket in the mail, Rent Your Ride will provide the necessary information to the owner in  order to allow the owner to contest the violation and transfer the liability to the guest.


Cars towed to Impound Lots

In the unfortunate circumstance where the host of the vehicle has their vehicle towed to  an impound lot, the guest will be fully responsible for all associated fees in regards to  the tow and the impound.  

If the host does require information to retrieve their vehicle from the impound lot or any  government based entity, Rent Your Ride will provide all the appropriate information to  the owner. If the owner is in accordance with the guest to pick up and release the car,  any information that is needed can also be provided to the guest by Rent Your Ride  (upon request from the owner).


Parking Rules for Street Parking Cars

All guests must ensure that the vehicle is parked in a spot where it will not be fined or  towed for a minimum of 24 hours following the end of the trip. There should be no  meters, snow-cleaning zones, street cleaning zones, time limits, or anything of similarity  preventing the vehicle from being parked.

In the case that the car is towed or ticketed, the guest will be held fully responsible and  will be charged all applicable fees and fines associated.

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