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Damage Policy

Last updated: January 15, 2020

We understand that no one intends to damage a vehicle but things happen and we aren’t always in control. It is mandatory that the host and guest of the vehicle being rented to a complete walk around of the vehicle to agree on any damage that is visible before the trip starts. We require the same steps to be preformed after the vehicle is returned. Through the services provided by Rent Your Ride, we only make our services available to areas were our community members are covered.


In Manitoba, all damage claims will be processed through Manitoba Public Insurance. With the insurance that has been purchased through MPI that allows a host to safely rent their vehicle to a guest, they are fully covered for any damage. As long as the vehicle is registered and the appropriate insurance is carried by both the guest and the host of the vehicle, there is nothing to be worried about as MPI will take care of all the other details. A simple visit of their website and a quick call to their help line will ensure a smooth process in this rather uncomfortable situation.


If it is more convenient for both parties to settle the issue internally and the guest would be willing to pay for all the damage, that option is available. This may be discussed between the host and the guest. Rent Your Ride does strongly suggest that Manitoba Public Insurance is used as the owners of vehicles in Manitoba have paid for this service and it is meant for these type of situations

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