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Additional Usage Policy

Last updated: January 15, 2020

It is very important that guests return vehicles at the scheduled trip end time. When a  guest is late it can cause a disruption in the hosts schedule and unnecessary stress. If a  guest needs to extend their trip or will be late it is always recommended that they  contact the host as soon as possible and send a trip extension to avoid any issues  related to scheduling and or stress to the host. We recommend that the host and guest  stay in regular contact to avoid situations like this from arising.  


Guest Obligation

It is the guests obligation to return the vehicle to the host on time. We expect guests to  be aware of the effects that returning a vehicle late can have on a host. If there is the  possibility of returning the vehicle late to the host we always recommend that the host is  contacted right away as well as Rent Your Ride support. It is also recommended that a  trip extension is sent as soon as possible. Trip extensions are only valid if they are  booked through the platform. Anything booked outside of the platform is not permitted  whether it be a verbal or written transaction. A trip extension can’t be booked if there is  insufficient funds or if the vehicle is not available. If this is the case the vehicle must be  returned to the host at the scheduled end time of the trip. If the vehicle is returned more  than 30 minutes after the trip end time the guest is subject to fines and fees for late  return.

Host Obligation

It is the hosts obligation to try to accommodate any late returns or trip extensions within  reason. We expect hosts to stay in regular contact with the guest regarding return times  and trip usage. If the host would like to charge the guest for additional usage of the  vehicle they must message the guest as soon as possible notifying them to extend the  trip and that they will be charged for additional usage.  


Late Return Fee

If a guest returns a vehicle more than 30 minutes after the scheduled trip has ended  they may be charged a $20 late return fee plus the cost of the additional hours they  have used the vehicle.  

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