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Who are we? 

Rent Your Ride is a Peer to Peer vehicle sharing platform that provides a cost effective, diverse selection of rental vehicles for travellers to choose from. We've created a space that allows vehicle owners to list their rides for rent while connecting them with travellers who are looking to rent a vehicle. 


How we came to be

The sharing economy is growing quickly. From your phone you can connect with millions of people at any given moment. With the tap of a button you're able to rent someones personal home in a foreign country. You can hail a driver who is ready to take you to your desired destination with their personal vehicle.


You have the ability to start your own business in minutes and earn money from sharing car. Why not make renting vehicles that easy?


Our Mission 

Rent Your Ride’s mission is to change the rental industry through innovation and sharing by connecting vehicle owners with those who are looking to rent a vehicle, while providing world class customer service.

The Family

Headshot - Michael Okoye

Michael Okoye 

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Founder & CEO

Joe Sworyk - Headshot

Joe Sworyk

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Chief Technology Officer

Headshot - Aaron Badescu

Aaron Badescu

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Director of Marketing & Business Development 

Our Friends Are Your Friends

Partnerships to make your experience better.

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Book The Perfect Ride

Choose from a diverse selection of vehicles offered by local vehicle hosts. Browse through luxury cars, trucks and your everyday ride. 

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